Bowl of Apples

"Bowl of Apples"

“Bowl of Apples”

Today I’m sharing one of my recent colored pencil drawings. It’s far from perfect, yet I’m pleased with how it turned out. In fact, this will probably be framed and hung upon one of my walls…maybe here in my little “art room”.

It had become a bit of a joke, you see. I was drawing “an apple a day” and sharing them with my friends on Facebook. Gradually I began “branching out” — an apple with a leaf, two apples, three apples. Then I went all out and attempted this drawing.

Despite its imperfections, I hope it inspires others to pick up a pen or pencil and give drawing a try.

Materials: Polychromos colored pencils on toned gray Strathmore paper 9 x 12. Finished with solvent.


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