Fat Bananas

I finished my “random art” project: a hand of bananas drawn with colored pencil with a watercolor background. As a first attempt at banana-drawing, it fell far short of my hopes yet exceeded my expectations.

Here for your…ahem…viewing pleasure is “Bananas”.

Bananas (2)

Bananas, Prismacolor Premier pencils with watercolor background. Strathmore Bristol paper.

I drew the initial sketch with graphite using a 2B mechanical pencil. I then used a variety of yellow, yellow green, and green colored pencils, plus two different browns. The colored pencil work was burnished with “cream” colored pencil, and a watercolor background was added using a wide flat brush.

I think the bananas are a bit too fat, and the drawing could use a wider range of values to make it appear more three-dimensional. I was pleased, though, with the detail I achieved with the ends of the bananas and the uppermost portion of the stem. Overall, I’m giving myself a passing grade and will soon be working on my next “random” assignment.

For more information on my randomly-chosen projects, see “What Shall I Draw Today?”

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