Maybe Some of Those Lessons Did Pay Off

Yesterday I agonized over perspective and my struggle to accurately depict buildings and architectural elements. This isn’t a new thing for me. I first studied the basic principles of perspective in art last summer, soon after I began learning to draw. It was as difficult for me then as it is now.

I whine, I moan, I groan, and now and then I even break down a cry a little bit when the frustration gets to me. At the same time, I do understand the importance of knowing perspective — and using it when necessary.

For now, I avoid it as much as possible. Instead of neatly aligned buildings with windows and doors, I’m more apt to have fun with my drawings and paintings even if it results in leaning towers or jumbled-up buildings. I’m still learning, and it’s good for me to enjoy practicing with different media. It’s all right if my results are less than perfect.

Part of my learning process, however, includes challenging myself from time to time. That’s exactly what I did when I decided to draw this castle on the Dublin river last month:

Castle on Dublin River

It’s drawn in graphite, and it doesn’t photograph well, but I think you can see that this castle looks a lot better than most of my buildings. It’s clearly recognizable for what it is, and I was able to keep things more in perspective than usual.

As I was working on this drawing I thought back to all my struggles with lines and angles and measurements, and while my castle isn’t a precise reproduction, it does show that I’m familiar with the principles of two-point perspective.

Yes, I know and understand the differences.

The links above will lead you to The Helpful Art Teacher, a site I recently discovered. You can also find great instruction on perspective at Learn to Draw.

It’s reassuring to know that I can use the principles of perspective when needed. I still need to work on those skills, of course, but it is a learning process. I’m making progress even though I moan and groan about it.

Who knows! Maybe in a month or two — or a year or two — I’ll look back at my struggles and laugh a little. Maybe one day I’ll even be able to draw the Scrovegni Chapel. For now, I’m pleased with my castle on the Dublin river. Hey, I even got a suggestion of reflection in the water. And here, you probably thought those were just smudges on the page.

Black LineHave a happy day and enjoy your art journey.

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