Artist Trading Cards

I guess I’ll have to call myself an artist now because I’ve joined in the fun of ATC — Artist Trading Cards. Like so many other art-related things, I’d never heard of trading cards until recently. I began following Grumbacher Art & Supply’s official Facebook page and discovered a fun little “art swap” taking place each month.

Curious, I read more about the swaps, learned that artists all over the world enjoy trading little art cards, and that pre-cut cards were available to purchase at many hobby shops. So, of course, I picked up a packet of watercolor trading cards and joined in the fun.

Teapot ATCThe April card swap theme is “Coffee or Tea” — a theme artists are free to interpret any way they choose. I chose to keep it simple. I drew a cheerful little teapot on my card. I then painted it using a set of opaque watercolors I won from the Grumbacher site.

The swap closes on Thursday and pictures of the cards will go up on the event site. These cards are also “traded” — mine will go off to another artist, and in return I’ll receive another artist’s card.

Even though my little teapot drawing will probably be the simplest one there, I’m looking forward to seeing it on the event page later this week and I hope it brings a smile to another artist’s face.

MBNow, about those watercolors I won. Yes, I was a lucky winner of a Grumbacher “Mystery Box”. It’s a weekly contest on their Facebook page. Just comment on their post and you’ve got a chance to win. I entered for several weeks — there are usually 600 or more comments — and I was thrilled when my name came up as one of the lucky winners a few weeks ago.


Oh, I got lots of goodies. The opaque watercolors, several pastel pencils, acrylic markers, and more. So if you’d like a chance to get a few free art supplies, head over to the Grumbacher page on Monday.

The trading card swap also leads to free art supplies. Each participant receives a “punch card” from Grumbacher. When I receive mine, it will have one punch for the April swap. I’ll send it in next month with my ATC for May and receive another punch. Every third punch entitles the artist to a freebie.

Free art supplies? I’m all in!

Be sure to visit the April ATC event page on Thursday for a look at all the entries received.

UPDATE: I’ve just learned that the cards will go on display on April 21.



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