It’s Official – I’m a Real Artist Now

Ever since I began learning to draw last June, I’ve been wondering when I would become a “real” artist. I pondered it and puzzled over it, and I finally decided that I wasn’t yet an artist, although I was becoming one. Yesterday, when I shared my first “artist trading card“, I decided I might have to start calling myself an artist, and today…well, it’s official now. I am a real artist. Cheap Joe says so. I even have license to create.

What am I talking about? Well, just take a look for yourself. I got these nifty little stickers today:

With these "credentials" I must be an artist, right?
With these “credentials” I must be an artist, right?

These came along with my latest order from Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies. I bought a “basic colors” set of 7 pan pastels, and I can’t wait to try them out.

Lately, I’ve been using my soft pastels more and more. I’ve been learning to do clouds and skies, bushes, trees, mountains, water, and waves. Here’s a look at one of my recent pastel practice pieces.

Pastel Waves

As much as I’ve loved using soft pastels, I’ve hated how messy my hands get. When I recently saw a short video clip about “pan pastels”, I knew I had to get some.

It was exciting to get the package from the mailbox today, and when I opened it and saw the little stickers included, I smiled.

Yes, indeed, I am a real artist now.


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