What Exactly IS a Squid?

“Today we’re going to draw a squid…”

That was how a recent Sketchbook Nation project began. A squid. Great. Uh, what exactly is a squid?

All I knew was that a squid was some sort of sea creature, so I followed the step-by-step guidelines. It’s not easy to draw something I’ve never seen, and I watched with fascination as this strange-looking image appeared.

Really Squid

Oh, so that’s what a squid looks like!

Yes, I’m being a little bit silly, but silliness is what I need today, and I hope my little squid brings a smile to your face. It’s joining a host of other sea creatures I’ve drawn over the last year: a sea turtle, an octopus, a dolphin, a shark. I haven’t tried a jellyfish yet.

Following along with the Sketchbook Nation project, I first drew the squid with graphite. After doing a little Google image search and seeing that what I drew really did look like a squid, I used one of my Pitt artist pens — 1,5 — to outline the contours and add a little shading. Next I grabbed my Prismacolor pencils and had a little fun.

I’ve now learned that “Squid are cephalopods of the order Teuthida.” Aren’t you delighted to know that?

Happy Monday!


    1. Really? LOL…I’ve never seen them in the market or on any menus here. I didn’t know people ate them. Oh, wait, squids are those things that shoot out ink, right? I vaguely remember that now.


      1. I think so. I have written several books — no longer in print — including a couple of children’s stories. And the grandkids love the “critters” I create. I’m going to do more dinosaurs, too. We’re getting ready to go to a dinosaur exhibit at a nearby botanical garden, so we’ll all be drawing and coloring dinosaurs. I might have to make up a story to go along with them.

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      2. We have a family membership to the gardens, so we visit often. I take a lot of photographs there — everything is so beautiful — and I hope one day I can share a bit of the beauty through my drawings and paintings. Every visit to the garden is inspiring.

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