A Little Birdie Told Me

Snowy White Egret

Yes…a little birdie told me this morning that folks are now celebrating Draw-a-Bird Day every month. Even though the annual event isn’t an official holiday, it’s a special occasion that I love to celebrate. So now I’m delighted to join in every month.

We’ll be traveling this morning to celebrate Mother’s Day with my husband’s family, so I’m sharing a work that’s not quite finished. It’s my snowy white egret. While the bird is basically done — I’ll probably do a little more burnishing — the background isn’t finished. I wanted to join the celebration, though, so I hope you enjoy seeing “Snowy White”, my feathered friend.

UPDATE: I’ve reposted “Snowy White” now with a background.

The drawing is done with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on 9 x 12 Strathmore Toned Gray paper.

So today is a grand celebration with two special occasions in one.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Draw-a-Bird Day


    1. He’s teaching me patience LOL. Doing the background is very slow and tedious, so I tend to put it off while I’m playing with other things. It’s time for “Snowy White” to get finished now.


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