A Year Ago Today

I’m so grateful for everyone who’s joined me here on my art journey. Today is a very special day for me. It marks the one-year “anniversary” of the day I decided I would learn to draw.

PPPI had just received my brand new set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils — a complete set of 150. My latest hobby, you see, was coloring books. They were just becoming popular, and I’d boughtΒ a couple of them, one for me and another for one of our daughters. I’d quickly realized, of course, that regular Crayola crayons were not going to work for coloring the intricate designs, and after a few hit-and-miss attempts at using other materials, I finally discovered the Prismacolor Premiers. I tried one, loved it, and immediately ordered the full set.

When it arrived and I opened it, I nearly swooned from the sight of so many beautiful colors, so neatly arranged. At the same time, I was, to tell the truth, a bit aghast at what I’d done.

These were artist quality pencils…the sort of pencils real artists use. What in the world was I doing with a set of Prismacolor Premiers? And not just any set, a complete set?

I could afford the pencils, so my reaction had nothing to do with the cost. Instead — and this is difficult to explain — it was a sense that I didn’t have the right to own these pencils. These pencils were made for finer things than six-dollar coloring books! The only way to justify owning this box of pencils would be by learning to draw.

So, that’s where it began.

My first sketchbook page was filled with little drawing exercises.
My first sketchbook page was filled with little drawing exercises.

I bought Kate Berry’s book of Drawing Lessons, then picked up a small sketchbook and a basic set of drawing pencils. At the time, I had no idea of what an incredible journey I’d just begun. Never would I have imagined where that journey would take me in this first year.

It’s incredible — in the truest sense of the word — to think that I’ve now become part of an art community which has connected me to talented creators from around the world.

I’ve exchanged ATCs — artist trading cards — with other artists, and oh, what a joy to call myself an artist. When I think about it, as I’m doing right now, I go speechless, truly unable to imagine that such a thing is possible.

Me. An artist.


Yeah, I’m a sensitive, sentimental sort, and I’ll go ahead and admit that I’ve got tears in my eyes right now. I can’t begin to tell each of you reading this how much your support, encouragement, and kind words have meant to me. You’ve made me into an artist. You’ve helped me achieve a cherished childhood dream that a year ago seemed completely out of reach. How can I ever thank you?

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  1. And you’ve only just begun, Judith! Bravo to you. And I know exactly what you mean re: “artist quality” anything. My first set was Derwent watercolor pencils and I thought I needed to do something worthy of owning them. Then it kind of exploded from there but I totally understand where you are/were at the beginning. It’s really cool you found art and that you’re sharing your art with us!

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    1. Thanks for joining me in my little celebration today! I think I can relate to things “exploding”…LOL. It looks like an entire art store exploded in my house. I still can’t believe all I’ve done in this first year, and I can’t even begin to imagine where the next year will take me. The art community is so awesome. I’m so honored to be part of it.


  2. Such a lovely post – and I have a lump in my throat too. So happy for you and your newfound passion and fulfillment and they beautiful art that has brought us and so many together!

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    1. Thanks, Jodi, for celebrating with me. Creating art is more rewarding than I’d ever dreamed it could be. And to find so much encouragement and inspiration every day is such a blessing.


    1. Thanks for joining in my celebration today. Yes, it is a huge personal accomplishment for me, something I never dreamed I could ever really do. It’s true, as they say, that practice and persistence do pay off.

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      1. LOL…well, the parrot in Treasure Island says it. I’m reading the book again for at least the 50th time, and I have pirates on the brain. That’s how one ended up in my sketchbook. He keeps staring at me. It’s getting creepy.

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      2. I think we rented it or did Netflix. So long ago. We don’t go to movies. To confining! Hard to site through. I need a pause button.

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      3. I’m trying to think…what was the last movie we saw at a theater? I think it was Jeff Bridges as that old drunken country singer…that’s been a few years ago. Maybe we’ve seen another, but if so, I’ve forgotten it LOL

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  3. You. An ARTIST! So inspiring Judith, and it really is amazing the potential we have inside of us. This is a beautiful and eloquent account of your year long journey. Buying the pencils was the easy part, but you have put the time in to create something all your own with those pencils.

    Congratulations, and cheers to the creative path you are walking! It takes a village they say. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, and I’ve found a wonderful village in the online art community. It’s inspiring to see what others are doing, and having the support of so many talented people has really encouraged me.

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  4. CONGRATS! You have beautifully completed this one year and I’m so glad I found you! You’re a beautiful artist and you are amazing, they way you decided to draw and leaent it in an year!
    There are many more blogiversaries to come! HURRAH!

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    1. Thank you for sharing this celebration with me. I’m excited by all I’ve learned in my first year, and I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring. Your kind words are truly appreciated πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh, my! He certainly did enjoy patterns and designs, didn’t he! I’ll work on it. I’m doing better with fabrics and folds, so adding patterns will be the next step.

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  5. happy Creative anniversary Judith! you were an artist before.
    I think perhaps, wp ‘village people’ – simply helped inspire you to SEE that IT IS SO!!
    by getting yourself the good, the Artist Quality materials… you really did yourself a huge Big, long ranging favor. cheers! with a lovely cup of jasmine tea πŸ™‚

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  6. Congratulations, Judith! It was wonderful hearing your story – being new to your blog and all. I hope you all the best going foward – your art is inspiring to say the least! ^_^

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  7. Congratulations! You became an artist the moment you decided to draw on that blank page. I’m so glad to be part of your journey and I am going to get myself a huge slice of cake and celebrate with you! Ooooh, yeeeaah!

    I’m happy you got 120-pc set of Prismacolors! The 36-pc I got is great but to have the 120-pc is just… *drools*.

    Congrats, again! And always remember: blank pages suck!

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  8. I just got here following those links. I would not believed you just have 5yrs experience until I read this.
    You know what, I will quit complaining and make excuses for my lazy LOL
    My learning starts …… next month. New year ,fresh start LOL

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    1. Growing up, I could never draw! I’m really clumsy and awkward, and I had no “art” ability at all. I was 65 when I made the decision to start learning to draw. I didn’t really think I could do it, but I did learn the basics. I’m learning more every day. About a year after I started drawing, I also started learning oil painting. I love it. I’m learning a lot there, too!

      Yes, a new year is coming, so no excuses! Drawing every day is an excellent habit. Another thing I do is to choose an inspirational word at the start of each year. I use that as a “spiritual guide”. This year, my word was EXPLORATION, and that’s encouraged me to dig more into art history and to explore a lot of new ideas.

      Have fun with art… and with Liac, too! Please draw a few pictures of her!

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    1. I’m not good at drawing living creatures — people or animals — so mostly I stick with inanimate objects, especially landscapes. I believe that spirit speaks through nature, so in a way, I’m drawing “religious things” when I draw or paint lakes, trees, rivers, and flowers.

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      1. I like drawing skull bones. It helps me to understand human structure.

        I even learned those pieces made up the whole skull.
        Temporal bone, mandible bone, maxilla bone, zygomatic bone…

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      2. Sketching is just a habit,I am not a expert though. But it will help us to understand the space and relation of elements on the canvas. It’s graphic structure.
        I recall it was a optional subject of art school

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