Nothing “Humerus” About It

I’ll keep this post short and simple. I may not be too bright in some things, but I’m smart enough to know that most people find anatomy about as exciting as watching grass grow, and far less colorful. So I won’t bore you with the dozens of  drawings I’ve made of “humerus” bones — not to be confused with “humorous”, although the end of the bone is what we call the “funny bone”, and it does feel awfully funny when we hit it on something.

Along with the humerus, I’ve drawn dozens of ulna and radius bones. Those are the two bones in the forearm. They attach to the humerus, which attaches to the scapula, which is attached to the clavicle.

Scapula Humerus Clavicle (2)Consider this post just a “check-in” or progress update. Yes, I’m still happily studying anatomy and loving every minute of it. Well…okay, so maybe I don’t love drawing muscles — there are so many of them! — and maybe it is a little challenging to remember things like acromion process or glenoid fossa. But for the most part, I truly am enjoying my study of anatomy, and I do think it’s helping me with my figure drawing.

Sorry for the quality of this image from my sketchbook. I tried to darken it, but even then it didn’t scan very well.

I know how disappointed you must be not to get a good, up-close look at all these bones! For the record, what you’ve looking at there — you are still here, right? — hello? Is anybody out there? Yoo-hoo! Could I have your attention for just a moment more?

Imagine that! They left. I guess it’s true. Anatomy is dull. Still, I just can’t believe nobody wanted to see my drawing of the outside view of the shoulder joint socket with the humerus in a raised position. Well, fine. I just won’t show them any of my naked figure drawings! So there.

Oh, you’re back!

I won’t keep you long. I just wanted to say that I’m actually getting better at drawing the human body, and I do think all my anatomy studies are helping.

Here’s one preliminary sketch, just laying in a few lines to get the general sense of the form and position. Again the scan quality isn’t very good. These are light lines on the page, so it’s difficult to see them, I know.

Model 1 Drawing (2)

Yes, I do like drawing dry, old bones. I like drawing naked bodies even more. So, you see, anatomy really can be fun.



  1. I’m glad your studies are paying off! I admire your tenacity with anatomy. It should be a wonderful foundation for you. No pun intended. I bet that quickposes site is helping you with lots of great images too! Have a great week, Judith. Roll those bones, lady.

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      1. Yes, it does. It makes me focus immediately on shapes I’m seeing. I’m going to do the “upside-down” option next, I think. That should be really interesting.

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      2. No, actually, I haven’t read it. I’m trying to find a copy of it. Since my right brain/left brain is already confused, I wasn’t sure how helpful the book would be. It’s been highly recommended though, so I have it at the top of my reading list…just trying to find it through the library system or pick up a used copy somewhere.

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      3. I didn’t find it on the shelf at our library (we’re a very small town) so I’ll have to see if it’s in the larger multi-town system. I’m sure it would be a very helpful book for my “2nd year” curriculum 🙂

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  2. I giggled during this post remembering back to having to draw bones in school for anatomy lab. I hated every stinking minute of it!!! Absolutely despised it. I despised the smell of the cadaver even more but your pictures don’t smell so YAY! Your gonna be able to paint a whole skeleton one day and it is gonna look so cool.

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    1. I really like drawing bones, and I think it’s because I’m basically drawing shapes. The example I posted isn’t one of my better drawings, and it was impossible to scan. I always giggle thinking about how the boys in junior high got very “interested” in art books when they discovered nudes on the pages. LOL

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      1. Maybe I would have liked drawing them better if it wasn’t forced and if I knew I wasn’t gonna have to see them later. Oh, I hated that lab. I had to take two of them and it was pure dread. So gross. I’m girly about that kind of stuff. They were naked and usually in their very upper years and it all seemed so demeaning to me having all those tagged toothpicks sticking out of every body part. YIKES. Flashbacks!!!!!

        Have you shown us your skulls yet? I like skull drawings and paintings and I have no idea why. Not at all like a flower. My nephew is a tattoo artist and he draws lots of skulls. Really good ones too! I like to look at them.

        Oh, little boys and nude art. Yup. They like medical books too.

        Is it your husband that runs when you try to draw nudes of him??? I remember someone saying that. I think it might have been you.

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      2. I’ve never tried drawing him nude. He runs if I try drawing him dressed! LOL I haven’t posted a skull yet. I’ll have to do that one day soon.


  3. You are rocking anatomy my dear! Yey! That is one subject I dared to take when I was in school but it was a requirement so….no excuses. But you, you also do have any excuses not to be good at this. Ha! These sketches are cool and you are doing so great. One day not far from now you’ll be able to draw a skeleton and it will really have that rockin’ attitude.

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    1. Thanks…maybe just in time for Halloween! I love Halloween, so drawing skeletons would be cool. I did do a skull last year. It was creepy but cool. I was going to post it when it gets closer to Halloween, but since I’m doing anatomy I might have to put it up sooner. I really like drawing bones. Muscles, not so much, but bones, yeah, I like.

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  4. A lovely fun post. I went to a lovely life drawing class for a few weeks but unfortunately our poor model left us due to a disapproving boyfriend! I too found drawing very quickly helped me get out of my logical ways…

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    1. Yes, working quickly helps me learn to capture “the big picture” first. Everything can be refined from there once I have the shapes and proportions right. I did work a little more this morning on my nude drawing. He’s looking pretty good 🙂

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  5. You had me giggling through your post! Such fun. And I’m so happy for you – enjoying anatomy! I can’t imagine myself in the same position. Good on you – your drawings are coming along quite fantastically. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Sissh! I really do like drawing bones. Anatomy has always fascinated me. I know, I’m weird that way. What can I say? LOL. Best of all, it really does help with figure drawing.

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  6. Bones are the structure and foundation of all 😉

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    Actually your fascination with drawing bones etc. will pay off in the long run, especially if you really want to keep drawing the human form, whether in a class room type setting or study, or in real time life, i.e. quick sketching. Muscles and tendons and all that – that creates volume, which gives form, but to really appreciate “bodies in motion or static” you need to grasp the bones.

    As for Betty Edward’s book – I can bet that once you get your hands on it – it will become a “bible” – there is such an incredible wealth of information and understanding – it is by far one of the best tools that anyone who is learning to draw can use. It doesn’t matter about your left/brain right brain “fighting” – this book shows you how to re-program your brain and allows you to learn how to “see properly” – and translate it onto the page. And let’s face it – learning how to draw? It’s all about “seeing” and understanding basic principles like perspective, shadows and light, form, volume. And once you begin walking this journey, you’ll never “see” the world in the same way again.

    Have a great day and week 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I definitely will be getting “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. I enjoy figure-drawing and would love to improve at it. In my younger days, I was quite athletic, involved in both dancing and gymnastics, so I think there’s where my appreciation for the human form began. I learned quite a bit about muscles and bones back then, and my interest has continued.

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      1. it sounds like a continuation …. so definitely, you are well aware of form and volume, in stasis and motion, so getting into the “crunchy bits” can be a wonderful path …. and as long as you’re into it – and I have to say, I too loved drawing anatomy when I was studying in fine arts – then have a ball 😀

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  7. I remember drawing bones and more bones! I really like anatomy and it reminds me of my college days. I still have my anatomy textbook. It will help if anything to be more attentive to detail and knowing the skeletal and muscle features will help you “build” your figure when you draw. 🙂

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  8. love those sketches, and the post! anatomy is boring to most. Until one finds a pressing need to understand the body. (ie why is my ankle sticking out at THIS angle?!!!) LOL Enjoyable post Judith 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  9. LOL! Funny post! Yeah, some people find the study of anatomy boring. Not me, though! I love drawing skeletons, muscles and fat. Breaking down the form to its basic shapes, layering in the details. Remember the scene in ‘Titanic’ where Jack did a sketch of Rose wearing ‘only this’? Good thing Jack knew a thing or two about anatomy. A stick figure drawing of Rose wouldn’t have worked, I think.

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    1. I’ve actually never seen Titanic, but yeah, it doesn’t sound like a stick figure would have added much LOL. I do much better with bones than muscles when it comes to anatomy, but I know how important the muscles are in drawing, so I’m working on it. They’re just so many muscles to remember. I guess it’s a good thing I do like anatomy, otherwise I would probably have given up long before now.

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