Something Stormy

I did two watercolors today, and in a continuation of yesterday’s doldrums, I wasn’t completely satisfied with either. Of the two, this — the second — was my favorite.

Watercolor 160706 Stormy Road

I love painting skies, and I wanted to do something stormy. Maybe it’s reflecting a bit of my mood, but I liked the darker silhouettes for the tree line. I wanted a “rainy” feeling, and I hope I accomplished that.

The painting reminds me a bit of an old country road on a rainy evening. I hope you enjoy it, too.



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  1. I think this one is one of your best yet. I think you have a real feel for atmospheric, emotional landscapes – I think that is hard to do, convey such feeling with a few brushstrokes.

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  2. Yes, it does, and another well-done piece. Landscapes are really tough, in my experience, but I think you’re having a nice go at them, Judith. I hope things get better for you; what goes down must come up!

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  3. I love it Judith! I would be totally happy with it if I did it!!!! The colors are so awesome!

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  4. Very atmospheric, there is story being told here.

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  5. Love it, Judith! Reminded me of the long road we travel when we go home to my father’s hometown in the province. Good old memories!

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  6. Oh my eye went immediately to that stretch of land with the trees on the horizon on the right! It sparkles and the blending of trees is marvelous! I love your tenacity!

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  7. Yes you totally have got that effect friend! I can feel for atmosphere. Trees adding more fun!

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  8. Very good. I love your sky.

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  9. It sure looks like an old country road on a rainy evening to me. Nicely done Judith!

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  10. This is beautiful Judith. I’m in awe at the beauty you’ve captured and the stormy serenity if that can be said. I love it.

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    • Thank you. I like the concept of “stormy serenity” and I think that’s what I often feel when storm clouds are brewing. It’s an odd emotion to explain, isn’t it?

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      • Yeah it is. I rather like it. Its a kind of knowing that you get; that in the face of it, all will be well. Or an inner calm while everything else is raging round about, or threatening to anyway. I love storms and rainy days. 🙂

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      • I agree completely with all you’ve said. We’re having severe storms this morning. I was supposed to be on the road for a trip…got to postpone it for a couple of hours, at least. But I’m enjoying the rain 🙂

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  11. the sky and the trees have created a great backdrop, for The Road. great job!!

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  12. Those skies are a bit like what we have here right now. There’s a storm coming in and it’s been raining really hard since yesterday.

    I love your wash artworks! This one makes me want to make myself a cup of hot chocolate and just stare out the window.

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  13. Great painting Judith, you seem to be working with a limited palette which makes such a minimalist image very effective. Mystical.

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