Something Borrowed

I saw a lovely watercolor painting in a Wet Canvas forum tutorial, and since it combined many of the things I love — and have been practicing on — I couldn’t resist “borrowing” the scene and re-creating it in my own inimitable style. Not that anyone would want to imitate my painting style, but it sure is fun to say that.

So, here for your — ahem — viewing pleasure is my scene of rocks, a river, and lots of trees.

Watercolor 160704 Rocky River

I like some of the rocks, especially the one farthest to the right. It actually looks like a rock. My trees were a bit hit-and-miss, but I’m definitely getting better at creating an illusion of distant woods. That’s something I once thought I’d never learn to do.

I like a lot of the colors, too. Everybody knows by now, I think, that orange and blue is one of my favorite combinations. And I do like my sky.

Maybe this watercolor is significant for me in that there seems to be more that I like than what I dislike. Now, that’s real progress.

Oh, the little spots in the sky? Not really there. Looks like I need to give my scanner bed a good cleaning again. Or I could pretend it’s a bird, or a plane, or a very distant alien space craft. No? You’re right. It’s just a speck of dirt from the scanner.

Happy Thursday! I’ll be out of town all day, so I won’t be around to respond to any comments until later in the evening.

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  1. This is lovely Judith! And I love how your confidence is growing and you are finding more things you like than don’t! You are developing your own inimitable style! 🙂

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  2. dawnmarie

    Nice trees! Good job.

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  3. Yay for progress and feeling good about your art. 😀 This is a lovely painting, Judith.

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  4. Lovely and serene Judith.

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  5. Your confidence and know how is picking up…sky holes really makes trees pop and seem more realistic and you did that. Rocks are hard! very hard indeed. What helps is if you can go out and paint them from real life. Also what helps me is to get so deep into painting them, you are in that brush on that rock! sounds very weird but it is when I do a much better job, so involved that you are there. See your mix of burnt sienna (?) in the trees on the right? that makes them more alive. I remember a teacher of mine way back told us that greenery always have burnt sienna in them. Makes them come alive….all green just “sits” there. Anyway, you are progressing!

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    • Yes, that’s burnt sienna. It came out a little splotchy though, but overall the trees look better than some I’ve painted in the past 🙂 Getting those “sky holes” in really does help a lot.

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  6. Peaceful and perfect! Yes to progress. 🙂 ❤

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  7. Lovely! You got it friend 👍🏼 💕

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  8. Aside from the distant trees, I also like the rock reflections you added on the water. Nice touch! Also, that tiny black thing in the sky is a flying hat.

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