Something Shadowed

I’m loving David Bellamy’s watercolors. For me, it’s exciting to work with a very limited palette, and so on Sunday morning I created this mountain scene before we left to visit my sister. Quick update: She’s still very sick, and we don’t know the cause yet.

Watercolor 160711

I did this mostly as a practice piece to work on shading. I was happy with it at first, and then I started tweaking it, and I finally tweaked it too much. As a result I’m not all that happy with the final results, but it serves as a good reminder to finish a painting and then walk away.

In the future, I’d like to do more mountain peaks and work more on shading. This was a good start.


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  1. May the Drs find out what’s wrong with your sis.
    Drawing looks good.

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  2. dawnmarie

    It is so hard to walk away. I am hoping that they figure out what is wrong with your sister and that something can be done for her.

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  3. Oh how so many of us – I know me!!! – can relate to that “tweaking” TOO FAR! Dagnabit – sometimes it is so hard to stop! This has a nice feel to it, though, Judith. Peaceful and serene. And it feels kinda cool and this day that is to hit the 90s here in Mars. Hope you get things figured out with your sister. Such challenging times.

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    • Thanks, Jodi. I’m hoping I can stay home today to take care of business here and then make the drive to St. Joseph tomorrow. So much going on! I need a chance to catch my breath.

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  4. Hey Judith painting looks perfectly fine to me! You are now sky expert 🎨 😍
    Hope your sister get well soon!

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  5. I hope your sister is being given a lot of care and a hand to hold on if she feels afraid. Still claiming she will heal and recover.

    Tweaking is a tricky thing to do but I admire you for doing it. It may over done by your perspective but in mine it is not. Though you really have to follow what your heart says. Its a great start and I look forward to more mountain peaks.


  6. I know the feeling. It always feels like a painting isn’t finished until you take a step back and realise you’ve overdone it. I really admire the restraint minimalist artists have. Still, your painting is really cool. And, yes! More mountain paintings of mountain peaks! 🙂

    All the best thoughts to you and your family!

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  7. I really like this!!!
    it has a lovely feel to it. and ‘tweaking’ and monkeying about sure can get us into trouble, lol 🙂 but, this, does not look overdone at all. its nice and light and airy!!! cheers, Debi

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