Something Sunny

After finishing my colorful “Crazy Quilt” watercolor, I still had a bit of bright orange paint sitting on my palette. I like orange. It’s sunny. It’s cheerful. It’s uplifting.

That was just what I needed. When I walked past the table, that brilliant color beckoned me. I had to stop, pick up a brush, and start swiping bright orange across a sheet of paper.

Why not create a sunny scene?

I finished off the sky with a yellow, glowing sun, then added in an ocean. I toyed with the idea of putting in a few palm trees, but I was happy with only the sky and the sea, so I smiled and walked away.

I don’t know whether the sun’s coming up or going down, but either way, I hope my sunny scene brightens your day.

Watercolor 160715 Sunset Over Waves


About Judith

Author, artist, and an independent consultant for Perfectly Posh. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and interests through blogging and invite you to visit my sites.


  1. This is ABSOLUTELY perfect and beautiful Judith! What a great result of freedom and using up that extra paint. Sometimes the best things come when and where we least expect!

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  2. dawnmarie

    I enjoy orange too Judith. I think you did a really nice job with the colors here.

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  3. I love it! ❤
    It looks like dawn for me. 🙂 So cheerful.

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  4. I absolutely love this Judith! I can’t say anything other than I love it! one of my favorites of yours…..:)

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  5. Orange is my favorite color – it is do cheery! Your painting is stunning! Wow! ❤️

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  6. Perfectly awesome, Judith! ❤

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  7. Judith, glad you’re still rocking the skies, and I hope things get better with your sister. I’m running out of time as I follow way too many people, just checking in here and there and wanted to touch base with you. Take care.

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    • I know the feeling. I’ve temporarily given up trying to keep up LOL. It’s all I can manage to get a painting done and a post up each day. I’m hoping things will settle down and I’ll be able to start making my “regular rounds” again. I miss visiting all the art blogs. I hope all is well for you!


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