Something Impromptu

I almost didn’t do a painting for today.

Saturday was a somewhat restful day — after a busy morning. We took things easy, ordered a pizza, and enjoyed a good movie. A nice, quiet day without a lot of demands upon either one of us.

As the evening approached, I thought about my watercolors. I wasn’t feeling inspired, and the thought of getting my paints and brushes out seemed almost more than I wanted to bother with. Maybe I’d just skip a day, I thought.

But I haven’t missed a post since I began this blog, and there was no real reason why I should miss one now. So, I went to the table, grabbed my paper and stared at it for a moment. What should I paint?

No idea. I just picked up a brush and started washing clear water over the paper, then without giving it much thought I painted a very impromptu little scene. No planning whatsoever. I just went with the flow, so to say, and painted as the mood struck me, using whatever color seemed appealing.

The result, I’m happy to say, pleased me immensely. I love this painting. Of all the watercolor scenes I’ve done, this is definitely one of my favorites.

Watercolor 160719 Impromptu

It’s simple. It was quick and unplanned. I hope you enjoy it.


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