Something Summery

I began this painting with the intention of painting a tree — but not this particular one. While we were driving along the highway today, I noticed a tree growing out of the embankment. It was growing directly sideways, and that caught my attention. We passed by quickly so there was no time to take a picture, but the tree stuck in my mind. Why not paint it?

That was the plan. After I’d painted the sky, however, and was adding the grassy area, it just didn’t feel right to draw a sideways tree. So I painted a summery tree instead, and while I like a lot of the tree…well, I don’t like my misguided proportions. Oh, well. Live and learn, right?

Watercolor 160720 Summertime

I look at it much like taking a photo and chopping off someone’s head. I’m pleased, at least, that my trees and foliage are beginning to look a little more realistic. Now, if I can figure out proportions I’ll move another step closer to becoming the watercolor artist I’d like to be.

What a crazy journey this is!


  1. I really like this one Judith. The sky and grass are so soft and gentle and the tree really stands snd looks realistic. I like how it runs off the top of the page. 😊

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    1. Thanks, Jodi. It’s kind of you to like my “lopped-off” tree. 🙂 Eventually I’ll figure out how to get trunks and tree tops in proportion. I’m just glad I’m able to paint the leaves a bit more realistically now.

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