Something Silly

With all the ballyhoo about the release of Pokémon Go — and the attendant server crashes, freezes, and hacks — I had to commemorate the summer’s big event with a watercolor, of course.

Watercolor 160721 SquirtleYes, I’ve been out hunting Pokémon.  And for those who don’t know, the plural of Pokémon is Pokémon. So, there you have it.

Monday was a busy day, and tomorrow — well, today as you’re reading this post — I’ll be making a trip to visit my sister. The illness and surgery have been hard on her. She’ll be temporarily moved to a skilled nursing facility, and right now she’s very, very confused. I’m driving to St. Joseph  to make sure she’s settled in and has everything she needs.

So, it was good to have a laugh, and trust me, this brightly-colored squirtle did make me laugh. If you’re a Pokémon fan, it might make you cry because it doesn’t really look all that much like a squirtle. Oh, well. I tried.

Happy hunting!



  1. Thanks, Jodi. I’m getting ready to head out this morning to visit my sister. She’s out of the hospital but very, very confused. She’s having hallucinations, and there was talk of moving her — temporarily, at least — to skilled nursing instead of assisted living. I’ll find out more when I’m there today. Your good thoughts are greatly appreciated. 🙂


  2. keeping you and your sister in my prayers tonight, Judith. Sending you tons of angels. May they guide you to make the best decision for your sister if needed and may your sister be in the hands of loving, caring people.

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    1. Thanks, Carrie. She really needs help right now. She doesn’t want to go to a skilled care arrangement, but she’s not able to take care of herself, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. 😦


  3. I appreciate Judith! In this hard time, you made some time to paint this! It did make me smile 🙂 Thanks for info about plural of Pokémon 😉

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    1. LOL It is fun in its own weird way. But it can get frustrating at times, too. I haven’t had much time for hunting, but maybe when autumn comes and the whole craze has cooled down a bit, I’ll be able to go walk through the woods. And just think of all the beautiful trees I’ll see!

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