Something Rocky — Or Not

I’ll be heading out early this morning for another drive to St. Joseph. It’s about 90 minutes, which isn’t long, although sometimes on the return trip I do run into heavy rush-hour traffic coming through Kansas City.

Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers for my sister. She’s struggling right now, so it’s good that I’m close enough to help her. Of course, she is in assisted living, so there’s staff available to help her handle the daily routines.

Today’s watercolor is another that’s not sure what it wants to be. I began with the idea of painting a rocky sea scene. But apparently I didn’t have one of my brushes completely cleaned, and my rocks took on a definite green hue, turning them more into hills than rocks.

The fun of this painting was working with the gray and rose colors, and leaving bit of white within the water area. I didn’t fuss or fight when the green came along. I just shrugged and went with it.

Although it’s not one of my favorites, I did enjoy doing this painting.

Watercolor 160723 Rocky Hillside

Thanks again for all the good wishes. My sister appreciates all your thoughts and prayers.


  1. This painting has a lot of feeling Judith. I think it is reflecting on your mood and feelings right now. It is soft and beautiful with a bit of misty uncertainty. Wishing you peace today.

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