Something Snowy

Well…it’s supposed to look like a snowy field.

I’ve been teaching myself the importance of leaving white areas on my paper when painting with watercolor, and I’m getting better. I thought doing a snowy scene would be a good way to show off a little white space.

While I’m learning that lesson, however, I seem to be forgetting the elemental rule that watercolor dries a lot lighter than it looks when wet.

When this painting dried, my beautiful cobalt blue and alizarin crimson skies had faded away. I’ll remember that next time, I hope.

This is my snowy scene of a few bushes and twigs sticking up out of the snow. That’s what it’s supposed to be, and for a first attempt at painting snow, I think it will do.

As always, it was fun to play with colors and paints today.

Watercolor 160725 Snowy Field


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