Something Leafy

Today’s watercolor is another tree painting. I love trees, and I want to be able to paint them in a somewhat realistic style. I’ve struggled with size, shape, color, proportion…and the good news is that I’m getting better.

In doing this painting, I also wanted to make my colors brighter and not let the hues fade away into nothingness. I do think I accomplished that.

I’ll be on the road again making another trip to St. Joseph to visit my sister. She’s doing better — my niece visited her today — and that’s a great thing. Thank you again for your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes.

So, here is my “leafy tree” for today.

Watercolor 160726 Leafy Tree

I was looking at trees as my husband and I drove through the neighborhood earlier. I might take my sketchbook outside and draw a few nearby trees to use as inspiration for my watercolors.

Like my other trees, this one is far from perfect, but it’s certainly an improvement over some of the trees I’ve painted in the past.

I hope everyone has a very beautiful Monday!


    1. Mine have tended to look like the trees I used to draw in kindergarten. I’m gradually getting better with practice. I’m so happy you like these!


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