So…Here’s My Something Awful

In yesterday’s post I talked about my awful watercolor. I was planning to paint something new — and hopefully better — and as so often happens, my plans didn’t quite work out. So, I figured I’d go ahead and post my awful painting.

It was another mountain scene practice, and I was never really sure what I wanted to do with it. My rosy red skies were a big disappointment. None of the colors worked well together, so rather than spend more time adding anything else, I called it done and set it aside.

Watercolor 160728

At one point I entertained thoughts about painting a little hamlet in the foreground area. I was having problems figuring out the right height and width, though, so I left it as an open field. What suggestions would you have for adding to the foreground?

One thing I do like about the painting is the tree line. I think I’m getting better at creating a more “realistic illusion” — or is that an oxymoron? I also liked the partial tree in the right corner.

As for the ugly colors…that’s part of the learning experience. Sometimes things work; sometimes they don’t.

All suggestions will be appreciated!

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  1. Two ideas: how about a road, maybe with telephone wires (I am VERY fond of telephone wires, just so you know!). Or – work against the distant viewpoint and put a large tree, bush, branch of a tree, in the front, as if it is the focus and the rest is background. I also like this technique, something sort of at the edge of the picture, just coming in or going out of it.

    I like the soft mistiness of this composition. It is restful. I think if you figure if you want to continue that feeling, or change it, will tell you what you might want to add? I know this is vague, I hope it makes some sense. I am enjoying your adventures in watercolor and seeing you explore, thanks for sharing it.

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  2. I like Claudia’s idea of a road…into the mistiness. (K)

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  3. When I first looked at the painting, I thought of a lake nestled in the mountains with a mist rising off it. I like the idea of a road too though.

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  4. It is soft and surreal.

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  5. Your painting reminds me of summer vacations in Baguio City where my grandfather used to have a home. Our view of the mountain is spectacular and fog is present late afternoons and early mornings. πŸ™‚

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  6. There are so many possibilities, you’ll wake up tomorrow with just the right idea.

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  7. I love it when you do surreal paintings. The soft brushstrokes make me want to just daydream all day. This painting reminds me so much of the Mountain Province here in the Philippines.

    A lake! Yeah, that would be awesome! That’s what I would add. A lake with a couple of monsters skinny dipping! πŸ™‚

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  8. Ok this is going to be weird. I would stamp something in the foreground to bring the focus on the stamped image not the areas that bother you. Then color the image in contrasting colors so it will pop. I think your painting has a very soft feel to it. Sorry for the weirdness.😊

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  9. As for me – it isn’t awful. It’s awesome.

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