PenguinHave a Happy Draw-a-Bird-in-August Day!

Even though I’m taking a summer break, this little penguin didn’t want to miss out on the special day.

I hope everyone is doing great! My daughter Lizzie is here from California, and we’re having a fun time together. Today we’ll be driving to St. Joseph to visit with my sister.

It’s going to be a long, hot day here in Missouri, so I’m going to remember my little penguin friend here, and just




    1. We saw the most fascinating birds yesterday while visiting my sister. The Living Community has an aviary — bird-watching really offers a lot of advantages for older patients I learned — and it was so much fun. They had lots of little finches I’d never heard of before. And Diamond Doves. I wish I’d carried my phone along with me. Next time I’ll be sure to get some pictures to share.

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      1. Lots! Most of the residents in the facility walk to the aviary, so it keeps them mobile. Others who are confined to wheel chairs still benefit by getting out and being active. Feeding the birds helps with fine motor skills, and the overall process of watching and learning about the birds and their habits helps keep the mind sharp. Observing the different changes taking place is great mental “exercise”.

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  1. Happiest bonding time with your daughter and sister, Judith! I hope you sister is healing and recovering fast. Mr Penguin said he will be providing the coolest juices and refreshing air for your trip. He is one cool guy! 🙂

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