Back to School!

back-to-schoolIt’s September now, and yes, it feels like going “back to school”. My daughter has returned home to sunny San Diego, my new Bloomin’ Beauty business is up and running, and it’s time for me to get my art supplies out and once again start making glorious messes!

On Thursday evening, I ventured back to “art class” with a lesson at The Virtual Instructor. It was great to re-connect with my art friends and “classmates” there. We began work on a watercolor pencil project. It’s a bit challenging, and I’m not satisfied yet with my initial drawing. Still, it felt good to have a pencil in my hand and to be “seeing like an artist” again.

Actually, I’ve continued to work on my perceptions during my summer break. I’ve been very observant of shapes and colors, taking note of how nature works her wonders in creating the magnificent landscapes around us.

Yes, it’s good to be “back to school”, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of my art experiences here. I was surprised to see that “artistcoveries” now has over 300 followers! It’s exciting to think that my journey has in some way inspired others to put their own creative energies to work…or, to play, as the case may be. I like to think of art that way.

I will be posting to the blog again, but I won’t be posting daily. Along with managing my new business, I’m still making frequent trips to St. Joseph to spend time with my sister. She’s doing well. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts you’ve sent her way.

So, you’ll be seeing my self-taught “art school” progress again soon. Thank you so much for joining me and being part of my journey!



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