My Matterhorn

When I first got the inspiration to paint this mountain, I really thought I was out of my mind. Me? Paint the Matterhorn? But I grabbed a canvas panel, picked up a piece of charcoal, and began blocking in the shapes.

Setting Off on a Quest

It’s not much. Another simple mountain scene, this one done on an 8 x 10 canvas panel. What’s special about this one — to me — is that I finally painted mountains that I like.

Go Figure!

When I was first introduced to gesture drawing last year, it made no sense to me at all. What could possibly be gained from quickly scribbling down lines that only remotely resembled a human being?

Landscape and the Sublime: The Art of Caspar David Friedrich

Friedrich wanted to capture elements of the sublime, that moment of “connection” that often happens when we contemplate the natural world, that inexpressible feeling of our own spiritual being, our awareness that we are but a part of something greater than our insignificant selves.

Just for the Fun of It

I do feel it’s important for me to keep painting, even when my heart might not be in it. I still need practice, and even though I might start off uninspired, I know inspiration is most apt to come while I’m at my easel, not away from it.

Let Me Count The Ways…

I started mentally listing all the mistakes I had made in this painting, and even though I considered grabbing my trusty rag and wiping it all away, I just wasn’t up to it. I’d been working on this painting for several days, and emotionally I didn’t want to see all that effort literally “wiped out”.

Playing Favorites

I think, at this point, it goes without saying that I’ve figured out what medium I most enjoy. While I still like charcoal and graphite, oil painting has become my favorite form of artistic expression.

Blame It on the Moon

As I worked at my easel, the painting really didn’t know what it wanted to be. At one point, it was turning into a seascape. At another time, it was just a hillside with mountains behind it

To Paint or Not to Paint…?

It’s good, of course, to be so enthusiastic about a particular medium, but it’s also occurred to me that maybe there’s a downside to having finally “found my niche” in the art world.

Colors I Love

Art should make us happy, and this painting does that for me. I used colors I love, painted a scene from my heart, and I’m delighted to share it here.