When my friend, Kymber recently posted pictures of her snow-covered yard in Clarkston, Michigan, I immediately asked permission to paint them. I only wish I could have done them justice.


Although my paintings don’t capture the quiet beauty of her photographs, I very much enjoyed painting the scenes. It gave me an opportunity to work with black and white. So here are my versions of “Clarkston” in the snow. Thank you, Kymber, for sharing your winter wonderland.


They’re actually much lighter and brighter. I wasn’t able to get very good pictures. Sorry I couldn’t do a better job, Kymber.

BTW: Kymber is a fellow blogger. Check out Noble Doubt — her collection of stories based on The Sims.



About Judith

Author, artist, and an independent consultant for Perfectly Posh. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and interests through blogging and invite you to visit my sites.


  1. i think they’re beautiful and capture the mood and feel of her yard. i lived in clarkston many years ago and it’s a beautiful place.

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  2. Thank you so much, Judith! 🙂 I think you did a very beautiful job. I really like how serene I feel when I look at your paintings. You are truly a wonderful artist!

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  3. These are beautiful ! Asian and peaceful .

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