Merry Christmas


When I began learning to draw in June 2015, I was too embarrassed to show my scribbles to anyone. A few weeks later, though, I was beginning to see some progress, and I shared my excitement with my husband.

“Just think,” he told me. “By Christmas time you’ll be able to draw your own cards.”

Although I doubted it, his words proved to be true. My first cards were quite simple. I was working only in graphite and charcoal, so Christmas wasn’t too colorful.

Now that I’ve spent most of 2016 working with colored pencils, pastels, watercolors, and oils, I knew that I definitely wanted to create a little card to share with all my online friends.

It was a quite a fun adventure. I grabbed a piece of hard cardboard, mixed a bit of oil paint with some sunflower oil, and started brushing it onto the surface. I had a vision in my head — and in my heart. Just a very simple little scene of pale blue and a touch of pink. A few blue pine trees. A “vignette” feeling. I wanted it to look almost as if the card were a sign hanging for all to see.

After painting the scene, I added the text with a photo-editing program, and here it is, ready to express my best wishes to everyone who’s visited and followed me at “Artistcoveries”.

May this holiday season be filled with love and joy!


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