Madox Paints a Mountain

We celebrated the Christmas holiday with the youngest grandchildren on Saturday. While opening the presents was a fun time, what they really looked forward to and enjoyed the most was gathering around the table for “art time”. Granny got out her Grumbacher watercolors, her Sakura “Koi” watercolor set, lots of paintbrushes, and big sheets of watercolor paper. The older ones — Kaylee, Conner, and Mark — opted for my sketching pencils, while Madox and Carsen concentrated intently on their painting.

ennardtransExcept for Madox, the other grandkids were all drawing or painting a character — Ennard — from a “creepy” movie or game. I wasn’t familiar with the character but found this image online.

mountain-by-madoxEarlier, Madox had admired one of my mountain paintings. I was delighted when he painted a mountain, too. It felt good to think that maybe in some way my art work had inspired him.

Here’s a short video clip of our young artists at work!



    1. We have several very promising artists. Conner showed me his sketchbook — which is really just a notebook. His drawings are sensational. His birthday is in January, so he’s getting a real sketchbook and a good set of drawing pencils from Grandma. And Kaylee is also an exceptionally good young artist. I have several drawings she made years ago, and the detail and accuracy she includes in all her drawings is amazing. Judging by their enthusiasm, the others might well become talented artists, too.

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