My Matterhorn

In a burst of excitement, energy, and inspiration, I completed my quest to paint Switzerland’s famous Matterhorn. Overall, I’m pleased with my painting, although I see things I might have done differently. While it’s not an exact reproduction of my reference photo, it’s not supposed to be…right? This is my Matterhorn, my artistic interpretation of the scene.


I could definitely go back to lighten the highlights on the left side and darken the shadows on the right. They actually are lighter and darker — respectively — in the painting. The photograph doesn’t show much contrast. I might also want to lighten the sky on the left side to give an indication of a light source.

Still, I’m pleased. I set out on this quest, and I completed it. I feel good about it. When I first got the inspiration to paint this mountain, I really thought I was out of my mind. Me? Paint the Matterhorn? But I grabbed a canvas panel, picked up a piece of charcoal, and began blocking in the shapes. Somehow, it worked.

Yes, I’m happy with my painting of the Matterhorn.

Now, as I gleefully rub my hands together, I wonder…what will my next quest be?



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