A Scene from Childhood


Today I painted a grassy hillside reminiscent of scenes from my childhood. I loved spending time in woodsy areas and for me, this simple painting captures a sense of the terrain where I grew up.

There’s a lot I like about this painting. Instead of my usual blue skies with white clouds, I created a rosy early-morning sky. Around here, that’s a good indication that rain will fall before day’s end. I even like my trees more than usual. I can imagine maybe they’re swaying a bit in the wind, as are the tall grasses.

I’m finding that I have an “old-fashioned” spirit when it comes to painting, and that’s how this painting feels to me. Adding the “antique frame” with a photo program seemed to make it all come together.

Most of all, I like the sky, and I like that, for once, I can put a story to a painting. I can think about where it takes me, and I can think about what might happen later, after the rain begins to fall.

That feels good. It’s nice to find bits and pieces of myself in the paintings that I do, and it is helping me understand the style I want to develop.

I hope you like the painting.


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