Lately I’ve done a lot of reflection — looking back at my first year of art studies, reminiscing over my earliest sketchbooks, and fondly remembering some of my first drawing successes.

I’ve also been reflecting on life, thinking back to my childhood and my love of nature. That love has never left. I still enjoy hiking through the woods, walking along the water’s edge, and admiring the beauty I see around me.

Today, I’ve dug back into my photo archives to share another favorite. This was taken at the George Owens Nature Park several years ago when I spent a November morning hiking the trails.



Reflections, photography by Judith Kraus


I’ve always liked this picture because of the “Monet-like” quality it has. I call it Reflections, and I hope you enjoy it.





About Judith

Author, artist, and an independent consultant for Perfectly Posh. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and interests through blogging and invite you to visit my sites.


  1. it is beautiful – and very reflective of your emotions 🙂

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  2. I hope you really look back with joy, enthusiasm and satisfaction. I love following your blog!!! xo Johanna

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