Did Anybody Miss Me? :)

I apologize for the unscheduled absence from Artistcoveries. A sudden illness sent me to the hospital last week.

I’m now home recuperating and hope to resume my art studies in the next week or two.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying a lot of bedrest and catching up on a bit of reading.


About Judith

Author, artist, and an independent consultant for Perfectly Posh. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and interests through blogging and invite you to visit my sites.


  1. Yes. I did miss you and noticed your absence. Glad to hear you are doing better and getting some good rest.

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  2. Wishes for good health and speedy recovery to you! xo Johanna

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  3. sorry to hear! take care and get well soon!

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  4. Oh no! get well soon and paint as soon as you are able, there is good medicine in art.

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  5. I hate it when that happens. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

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  6. I am sorry to hear that you have not been well…

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  7. You were missed terribly! I wish for you a quick recovery ❤

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  8. Yes, you were missed! Hope you are well very soon!!

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  9. Ohh sorry to hear that! Get well soon friend.

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  10. Hope you feel better soon!

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