Just Doodlin’

I’ve always enjoyed doodling. I think most of us have fun just picking up a pencil or pen and doodling on a notepad. In the past, though, my doodles were really nothing more than scribbles. I drew childish looking flowers with big petals, sketched an occasional box — always lop-sided — and sometimes drew something that only vaguely resembled a fish. Beyond that…well, I’d be embarrassed if anybody nearby happened to glance at my doodles.

Now that I’ve learned a few drawing principles, doodling has become a lot more fun. I always take a sketch pad along with me, plus drawing pencils, tortillons, and erasers, so when my husband went to the retinologist last week I occupied my waiting time by doodling.



It was really fun to relax and casually doodle this tree with its limbs going here and there. I loved doing the bark, but didn’t have time to finish the root system I’d started.

And when the doctor looked my way, I didn’t feel any need to hurriedly hide my artwork. My “doodle tree” got a few compliments, and that’s always fun.

Yes, doodling is a great way to pass the time. Happy doodling, friends!



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