Re-do: Step 1

I’ve been working on my ruined canvas. I’m taking it very slowly, and thinking things through as I decide what scene I want to create.

I knew, of course, I wanted interesting, colorful skies, so that’s where I began. When I tried taking the photo, I ended up with lots of shadows or something. I’m not sure what caused the picture to turn out so bad, but unfortunately it’s the only picture I took of this first step in the do-over process.

Redo 1
I’ve redone the skies on my “ruined canvas”. 

Hopefully you can at least get an idea of the colors I’ve used for these skies. I’ve also started working on a treeline in the middle of the picture. I’ll be posting that soon.

The foreground? I haven’t yet decided what I’ll do! Keep watching to find out. 🙂


  1. I like your sky, Judith. Recently I gave a talk about strategy that including one point you might find helpful: Embrace Failure. As a long-time author and fairly recent painter, I’ve discovered that my best discoveries often come as a result of “falling on my tush” the first time. I’ve whited out quite a number of acrylic paintings to start over and have cut up a number of watercolor paintings to use for collage material. Doing it over gives us a chance to learn quickly from the things we did wrong. I’ll bet this landscape turns out quite nice.

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  2. Sometimes failure is only a temporary setback, and we only need fresh eyes to make the right changes. I like to set a paint aside, where I can see it, and work on something else for a while. Often I’ll pass by the “failure” and spot exactly what it needs to sing. Doesn’t always work but when it does, I’ve learned something new.

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