Re-do: Step 3

I hate it. That’s all I can say about how this painting turned out the second time around. Although I do like the skies, there’s nothing else about it that I’m pleased with.

I Hate It

For some reason, I have problems with the foreground in paintings. Probably that’s because the foreground is the area that requires the greatest detail, and I haven’t learned how to paint those details.

In this painting, I attempted to convey the idea of a windy day, with the water churning on the lake. Unfortunately the blues I used clash with those I used in the skies, and the overall effect of the painting is not what I was hoping for.

Will I try re-doing this painting again? I thought about it. After all, third time is supposed to be charmed, isn’t it? But for this sorry scene, there won’t be another re-do. I’ve already moved on to other things, and I’m very busy practicing different painting techniques.

Right now, I’m both encouraged and discouraged by my painting. In looking back over the last few months, I haven’t felt satisfied with anything I’ve painted since illness forced me to take a break. I now seem to have developed a lot of bad habits, and I want to correct them.

That’s the source of my discouragement. The encouragement comes from having been invited to join a fine arts club. It’s a county-wide organization which sponsors several shows each year. During the meetings there are lectures and demonstrations, and I’m looking forward to attending in June. I know I will learn a lot, and of course, it feels very good to be “recognized” as an artist. I am really looking forward to making many new friends through the organization and exploring many new opportunities.

So, yes, I’m practicing a lot right now. Today I plan to work on different types of brush strokes. In the midst of this “painting funk” I’ve fallen into, having this new club membership serves as an incentive to work hard at my art — or to “play” hard” at it — and to put my whole heart into it and see what I can do.

I’m sure there will always be paintings I hate, but hopefully those will become fewer and fewer as I learn better techniques and gain more experience.


  1. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve joined an arts club. I live alone in the country and paint alone, and no one I regularly engage with is an artist. A couple of years ago I joined the Brazos Valley Art League, which meets about an hour from where I live.Like your club, we have demonstrations regularly, and the people are all great. Each is at a different level of mastering whatever art they practice, so I feel like I’m “at home” every time I attend.
    Also, recently I had an abstract painting which I’d already “finished,” and signed, but something about it still bothered me. Yesterday, while working on a completely different piece – a watercolor portrait – I set that painting where I could see it. Later, I felt drawn to an area near the focal point that seemed dull and unfocused. I added two small, dark lines, and now I feel the painting is finally truly finished.
    I have stacks of unfinished paintings, but I learned something with each one. Sometimes it’s good to move on, I think, and other times it makes sense to let it sit for a spell and come back to it.
    Looking at your painting of a windy day: although the colors in the water don’t quite mirror the sky, I do feel the wind at work – so you accomplished that goal for certain.
    Have fun with your arts club.

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  2. Speaking now as a painting teacher… I like a lot of elements of your work. Skies and water are some very difficult elements to paint. Your blues don’t clash. If you put turquoise in your water, put it in your sky.
    Did you use a photograph or are you painting from your head? Most students new to painting, start by copying someone else’s painting, then more on to photographs, then to life. It is a progression. I painted by myself for years before I went to a class. Watch YouTube videos or the Artist Network, TV. Most of all, keep painting!
    The Inside Artist

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    1. Thanks for all the encouragement. I’m mostly painting from imagination, sometimes taking different scenes and combining elements. As you said, it’s a progression. I’m getting there, slowly, but — I hope — surely. 🙂

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