Art on the Go

I’ve had a very busy weekend, so my Inktober drawings have been put aside lately. Today I began playing “catch-up” and I also ventured a bit beyond the simple black-and-white drawings I’ve previously done.

My prompts for Friday were crazy! RED FOX and SWORD. How could I combine those ideas? Well, here’s what I came up with today:

Red Fox Sword Inktober Prompt 6It’s a very simple drawing done in red ink. A sword with a fox hilt. After making the quick outline drawing, I grabbed my Koi watercolor set and a waterbrush.

Hmmm… maybe I should have made the fox red and the blade gray. Oh, well, what’s done is done. And what’s done was fun.

I really enjoy using my Koi watercolor set.  It’s made by Sakura, and it’s designed for “on-the-go” painting. It comes complete with one waterbrush — you just unscrew, add water, replace the cap, and you’re ready to go!Koi KitAlthough I don’t do a lot of watercolor, I’ve been reaching for my Koi kit a lot lately. When I attend our art association meetings, it’s much, much easier to bring along my Koi set and a few waterbrushes than to even think of lugging oil paints and brushes around. We frequently do “quick sketches” at our meetings. In fact, the idea of working quickly was the theme of our meeting in August. The idea was to stop over-thinking our art and simply capture the essence of what we draw or paint.

Here are two quick watercolor sketches I made during the meeting. I used a watercolor pad and tore the sheet into quarters.

Quick sketches can be very useful, as I learned when I did the quick sketch of the stone bridge. Having it in my sketchbook for a reference was very helpful as I painted that scene again and again.

Quick sketches help us see a composition as a whole before we begin a final drawing or painting. We can make decisions and changes then — even trying out several scenes — before we commit to a final version.

Quick sketches are also fun, and my Koi kit has been great to take-along to art meetings, or anywhere else I want to go.  Dawn Lomako — Brush of Dawn Art — recently spotted an offer for free waterbrushes — just pay a small charge for shipping — and I happily took advantage of the special. Thank you, Dawn for sharing it with me.

If you’re doing a watercolor sketchbook, or just want a “travel-friendly” watercolor kit, I definitely recommend the Koi set. It’s great fun!

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