I Don’t Do Creepy Cute

Today’s Inktober drawing can best be summed up as “Well, I tried.” In fact, I tried several times and never could come up with anything that really fit the prompt words of “Shy” and “Creepy Cute”.

My first drawing captured the shy element fairly well, but before I even finished it, I realized she wasn’t cute, nor was she creepy.

My next attempt resulted in a very angry-looking girl — and trust me, I’d have been angry, too, if someone drew me with such a scowl. She was not pleased. Neither was I.

On my third try, I went for a more “anime” type girl. I love big anime eyes. Unfortunately my girl’s big eyes were irrevocably crossed. Back to the drawing board again.

Next I tried a head-to-toe version of creepy cute. By this point I’d given up on shyness, She looked almost presentable. Too presentable, really. She was more cute than creepy.

Finally, I shrugged, accepted the fact that I can’t do creepy cute — or shy — or any combination thereof. I had to admit that this particular prompt had gotten the best of me. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say it got the worst of me. Nothing I turned out had any real merit.

Oh, well. At least I did end up with a finished sketch — finished being somewhat relative, I suppose — and I’m just glad to be done with it.

Creepy Cute Inktober 7

She’s a little creepy I suppose. She’s certainly not cute, and she’s definitely not shy, but for today, one out of three ain’t bad!


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