Quick Fall Fun

Last night was the monthly meeting of our local area Fine Arts Association. Although I’d had quite a long and exhausting day, I wasn’t about to miss a meeting. It’s good to have in-person connections with other artists. We have some very, very talented members!

Although I’m beginning to feel slightly more confident about my art, and therefore somewhat more comfortable in the group, I still find it a bit intimidating to draw and paint during meetings, especially when it comes time for “show and tell” afterward — which is, of course, optional. We don’t have to share our work unless we want to. Last night, very few artists wanted to show off their work.

Our program theme was “Autumn Still Life”. The display (below) was set up directly ahead of where I was seated. I took this photo very early in the meeting. As other members arrived, other still life arrangements were set up. I’d already espied the “goonie squash” and knew that was going to be the subject for my simple still life.

Still Life

We can work in whatever medium we choose during the meetings. I thought of doing pen and ink, but instead of bringing my Pitt pens, I opted instead for my handy “Koi watercolors” and a few waterbrushes.

Goonie at Library


I did sketch the squash with graphite first and then spent about an hour with my watercolors. In the end, I wasn’t happy with the colors, but the painting did inspire me. Or, I should say, the goonie inspired me. I would love to arrange a still life of my own with squash, gourds, and probably a pumpkin. Maybe with some autumn leaves added. I want to paint a still life in oils.

Autumn is an awesome season for artists. We have so many gorgeous colors to put on our palettes, so many interesting shapes to work with — curves and angles, twists and turns — and so many different moods to express through art.

Are you bringing the season and its bounty into your art? I’d love to hear what autumn projects you’re working on!




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