Easy…Like Sunday Morning

I’ve done a bit more work on the painting I started yesterday morning. I’ve been learning so much lately, and all the long days of art studies and dutiful practice are finally beginning to pay off, I think. I can see improvements in my painting. I hope you can, too.

I will be adding additional details to this painting, but here it is today.

Sunday Morning Tree
Sunday Morning – Oil on Canvas Panel 8 x 10 by Judith Kraus


The painting process is becoming easier for me, but in many ways painting is far from easy. I’m struggling with my cramped-up little corner of the kitchen. My husband has a few projects of his own taking up the table now, so it’s all quite a mess — and quite a challenge. I had to mix my colors in another corner of the kitchen and carry my palette back to the easel. My brush cleaner and thinner is on the floor, and I managed to knock over a jar filled with brushes.




On the EaselI won’t embarrass myself by showing you my “studio” — but you can get a slight glimpse of it here. I have a small “TV tray” placed beneath the easel. That’s where I set a few supplies. Usually I can place my palette on the table where it’s close at hand. Today it was precariously balanced on another tray, along with other art supplies.

Oh, to be a famous artist and have a spacious studio! Art, of course, is like everything else. We do the best we can with what we’ve got.

Overall, I’m happy with the progress I’ve been making, and I’m looking forward to showing more of my paintings. I’m also determined to find some way to organize the mess just a bit. But not today. It’s a day of rest, and we’re going to enjoy our beautiful Sunday.




    1. Thank you! This probably will be one I frame once I’ve finished adding a few details to it. It’s taking me a step closer to the artist I want to be.


    1. We have three bedrooms, but one is my office filled with books — and knitting — the other is filled with art supplies, knitting, games, and sewing, along with anything else that has nowhere to go. The third, of course, is our bedroom. The real problem is that the only decent light is in the kitchen. I am going to try going outdoors to do a bit of painting. That will be a good option until it gets cold again this winter. It’s especially frustrating right now because our kitchen table is covered with my husband’s projects. Instead of eating in the kitchen, it’s now become our creative workspace — which isn’t a bad thing, really. I love that we’re both creative individuals, even though that means a huge mess to clean up.

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      1. With the nice weather you could eat outside now and leave that your creative space! It sounds like you have multiple hobbies and need space for all of them! How exciting to do different things! Creativity is awesome! Enjoy.


      2. Exactly! We have a spare room we store some of our extra stuff and in a year or so our youngest son will move out. He has a big room, more space to do something with.


      3. Oh, that will be awesome! LOL I know you’ll miss your son, but he can always come to visit, right? Having that extra craft/hobby/creative space will be a real treat, I’m sure.

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      4. Right, we’ll have to set up one of our spare rooms for guests and keep it inviting for him and his girlfriend to come home. Many exciting possibilities. Have a great weekend!


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