Rocks Revisited

When I first began learning to draw, I sat outside and patiently drew a couple of rocks  sitting in a neighbor’s yard. I wanted to experience drawing from nature, but at that point, I wasn’t able to draw much. Even those two rocks were a bit daunting. Actually, they’re hardly recognizable as rocks.

First Rocks
These look nothing like rocks, but they were stepping stones for me.

That sketch was made in the summer of 2015, about three years ago. Recently as I stepped outside for a bit of nature sketching and wondered what I might draw that morning, I thought again about those rocks. Yes, I wanted to sketch them again.

These rocks still provided a bit of a challenge for me — even with my three years of drawing experience. The challenges were different. This time I struggled with how to create the grassy effect.

And then came that magnificent meditative state. I relaxed. I enjoyed the process of just making marks on the paper. Results became irrelevant. I just wanted to capture the experience, the thoughts, the feelings, the memories.

So, here’s my sketch of my rocks – revisited. You’ll see that there are more than just those original two rocks I drew in 2015. I guess you could say that my artistic vision has expanded now.

June 2018 Rocks

I suppose I’ll have to keep revisiting these rocks, drawing them again from time to time. It will be a pilgrimage of sorts in celebration of art and the incredible journey that began on that day when I said “I need to learn to draw.”

To all those who have been part of this journey, thank you! I’m glad to have each of you walking along beside me.

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