Painting Rocks – A Different Way

Liz SherwoodToday I want to showcase the talents of my daughter, Elisabeth Sherwood, and share her new-found passion for painting “friendship rocks”, also known as “kindness rocks.” These are rocks that are painted in many different ways — some humorous, many inspirational, and always beautiful, each with its own unique personality.

Those of you who have followed this blog have previously met Liz and know her as our “California Girl“. She and her husband now live in Alpine, California, and she’s found a home in the art community there through the experience of painting and sharing rocks.

There is a very active Facebook group, Alpine Rocks, where rock artists first share their creations with friends. The rocks are then hidden for someone to find. Instructions on the underside of the rock suggest the finder post in the group, and many do.

Welcome to VillageLiz and her friends have recently had a “rock exchange” party, and earlier in the spring a spontaneous “Little Alpine Village” emerged with artists painting rocks to represent their town.

It truly became “the talk of the town” with people stopping by to see what new rocks had been added. The local news even became interested.

The little village has now been dismantled and the rocks placed in different locations through Alpine, and who knows…if you’re traveling near there, you just might find a bright, colorful rock.

Alpine Vilage

Here are a few of the many, many rocks Elisabeth — better known as Lizzie — has painted:



Rock-painting has become a way for Lizzie to reach out to others, to bring joy, to spread happiness, and to make many new friends.

Here she is exchanging rocks with a new friend from Arizona:

Liz Rocks

I’ve enjoyed “painting rocks” in my landscape paintings, but this way of “painting rocks” looks like so much more fun. We’ve gone out “rock-hunting” with the grandkids but haven’t yet found the right rocks — the group from Alpine uses landscaping rocks — for painting. Sadly, we haven’t found any already-painted rocks around our town, either. Maybe before the summer is over we can change that and spread a little joy and happiness of our own.


    1. She is very creative, and as you can see, she loves bright colors. I know she’s having a lot of fun, and it’s wonderful that she’s bringing happiness to so many others.

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  1. I have been leaving art (usually tiles or clay figurines) for years in various places. ( I usually post these experiences on my Sometimes I Get So Confused blog). I can attest to how good it feels to give like this. Your daughter does fantastic work and she sounds like she is having fun too. It’s wonderful to seeing this.


    1. I think it’s an awesome way to share with others. I really want to do this with our grandkids. We’re going to look for some landscape rocks. I really love all the creative ideas Lizzie comes up with, like the “pizza my heart” rock, and so many others she’s done. Do you ever know who finds your “hidden” art?


      1. Generally I don’t, though I’ve received a couple of notes left in the place where I left the art. I also try not to get caught doing it, though a couple of times I have, including one instance where the woman broke down in tears about it, very touching for me to see. My art-drop offs are chronicled in this location:
        which is my personal blog. One thing you might be interested in is a three-month project I did back in 2014-15 over the winter, called the Sunshine Project, in which I left art in 91 different places and wrote about it each day. Here is the intro


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