Artist Unknown

This is a real long shot… here’s the story. My husband recently found this watercolor painting in the trash at work. Since I do so much painting, he’s come to appreciate art in all forms, so he dug it out, if for no other reason than to save the frame. 🙂

Artist Unknown

At the bottom of the painting is a note saying “Artist Unknown” and that it was found on the ground at the Kansas University School of Art — this was around May 1995.

I don’t know if any attempt was made to find the artist, but I decided to post this here and on my Facebook page on the rare chance someone in the art community might recognize the work or know former KU Art School students who might know more about this painting.

The chances of locating the artist after all these years is very slight, I know. With such a large online art community, however, I figured it was worth a try.

I’m curious, too. Was the work intentionally discarded? (The note indicates it was found near a dumpster.) Was it lost accidentally, maybe slipping from the artist’s portfolio as he or she hurried across campus?

I wonder, too, exactly what the artist hoped to convey with this painting. What do you think is the message or meaning behind this work of art?



    1. LOL… lucky for you, I’m not a blonde. Then again, maybe the artist is saying blondes are more creative. Who knows! Thanks so much for your comment. You’ve made me smile today.

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    1. Please do! My daughter suggested I see if there is a KU Art Alumni group. I doubt that I’ll ever be able to track down the artist, but it would be fun if I could. The painting is very interesting. I look forward to your thoughts on it!

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  1. I love it and I love the story behind it. Funny, I’ve made some people with flowers growing out of their heads, clay tiles, I believe. (now I’m going to look back through my photos). Anyway, I was thinking it means the person has ideas that are blooming and showing themselves. Just saying. And are those apples the others are holding? I think there is so a lot of story going on here, and I hope you find the artist, that would just be super!


    1. Yes, I think the redhead and the brunette are holding apples — well, actually, so is the blonde. It’s quite an interesting painting, and I would love to know the inspiration behind it.

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