Rough, Rocky Terrain

I’m happy to post this painting. It’s one I finished recently, and if we’re friends on Facebook you’ve already seen it — albeit in a very blurry image. Here’s the painting now titled “Serenity”. (I was undecided on a name so asked my friends to give me suggestions.)


Unnamed Landscape
Serenity by Judith Kraus — Oil on Canvas Panel 11 x 14

The reason I’m pleased with this painting is because — for once — I found a foreground. Even here, the image looks a bit blurry, so you can’t see the foreground too clearly, but it’s definitely there.

I like:

  • The foreground, of course. It’s filled with colors and textures. It has the appearance of rough, rocky terrain leading to the edge of the lake.
  • I like the trees, at least the ones nearest to us as we view the painting. I think, at long last, I’ve wrestled “demon green” into submission and have found a mixture of pigments that produce the green, leafy result I want.

I don’t like:

  • There are several things I don’t like about the painting, but in choosing just one thing to work on, it would be the reflections in the lake. I’ve done much better reflections in the past. I know the techniques to use. I just couldn’t get them right on this particular painting. The more I fussed with them, the worse they got.

For me, painting foregrounds has been a struggle from the beginning. I’m glad that I can see improvement. It gives me hope and encouragement. It brings a smile to my face and makes me eager to learn more.

Thank you to everyone who is sharing this incredible art journey with me. Your comments and suggestions have helped me through a lot of my own “rough, rocky terrain”.




    1. Thank you, Sharon. Getting foregrounds right in paintings has always been a struggle for me. I was really excited by this one. I’m learning more about creating different textures — both in drawing and in painting — and that has really helped.

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