The Art of Practice – Tip #1

Recently while working on a few graphite drawing exercises, I came across a sheet of practice instructions I’d never seen before. I might have picked it up at one of our art club meetings as part of the evening’s hand-outs, or maybe it was included with the large pack of drawing paper one of our daughters gave me for Christmas. I really have no idea where it came from, but since I am focusing so much now on the art of practice — which is the title of the sheet — I thought it would be good to share the ideas with others who are making their own journey through the fascinating world of art.

So, here’s Tip #1:



“Arrange your space sacramentally. Make it a safe, personally relevant space. Think of it creatively — as a private, functional studio sanctuary, worthy of respect. You are setting the trajectory.”

First, the answer is NO — that’s not a photo of my personal studio. I wouldn’t dare share my little kitchen-corner mess here. But I have spent time recently organizing my paints, brushes, and canvases. And I’m planning — somewhat reluctantly — to move my studio to our guest bedroom. The lighting isn’t as good there, but my husband says we’ll add whatever lighting we need to make it work. He doesn’t object to having my easel — and the accompanying mess — in the kitchen, but I do. I want a more sacred space, if that makes sense, a place devoted to my artwork. In other words, as today’s tip tells us, I want a place that is a private, functional studio sanctuary.

So, there’s the first of ten tips on the art of practice. Be watching for more tips to follow!

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