Unexpected Art

Recently I purchased a new little “binder pouch” to keep my art supplies a bit more organized. It’s designed to fit right into a three-ring notebook. It has a clear cover so that I can quickly see what’s inside.

Since I take a lot of notes while studying, I’m putting a notebook together. This will be great for “take-along” art, such as when I attend one of our art club meetings. How easy to have a sketchbook and notebook close at hand, ready to grab and go on a moment’s notice.

Pitt PensLately I’ve been using my Faber-Castell artist pens  — I love these pens! — more than usual, and, as usual, I’ve been misplacing them. It’s frustrating and worrisome. I would be very upset if I lost this set of pens. So, into the little pouch they went.

The pen set was open, so, of course, I closed it before placing the pens in the pouch. I noticed that for some reason the flap didn’t want to go inside like it should. I picked up the set, inspected it a little more closely and was surprised to pull out a small card. It’s about 4 x 6, the size of a standard file card.

Tree on CardAnd I found this little watercolor drawing I’d done. It was quite a surprise. I have no recollection of painting this, but I certainly recognize the slightly out-of-proportion tree as one of mine. I’m guessing that I quickly painted it one evening at an art club meeting.

It brought a smile to my face. Now, I’ve added it to the pouch as a sort of “cover photo”. That means I can’t see what’s inside the pouch, but, you know what…? It doesn’t matter because I smile each time I see this forgotten little watercolor painting. What a surprise to find it tucked away inside that set of Pitt pens.

It was a fun little moment, and that’s another aspect of art — how it can surprise us, how it can make us smile, how it can brighten a busy day. Sometimes our most cherished moments on our journey can be wholly unexpected.


About Judith

As an artist, author, and musician, I celebrate creativity and personal expression through all that I do. I invite you to join me as I explore many different aspects of life, love, beauty, and nature.


  1. Thanks for following! How did you find me? Where are you? Do you bike? Nice blog you have. Thanks again.


  2. Also like your conclusion. Small moments can have the biggest impact.

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