The Art of Practice – Final Thoughts

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared ten tips from The Art of Practice — a little flyer I found among my art supplies — and I hope they’ve been helpful. I don’t agree with all of the tips, and most likely neither do you. Still, it’s been interesting, and it’s given me a chance to think about various aspects of art and the creative process.

As a wrap-up today, I wanted to share a few final thoughts included on the Art of Practice flyer. Although I still don’t know how I got this sheet of practice tips, I do know the source of the tips. They come from Craig Lueck, an artist who lives and works here in Missouri. This makes me inclined to think that this flyer must have come from one of our art club meeting hand-outs. I suppose I’ll never know for sure.

Here are a few additional thoughts from Lueck:

Art practice works best with consistent creative acts. The direction of these acts is generally unknowable and mysterious, especially at their inception. This is what makes it so fun. We are searching for something meaningful; that can be hard work, which requires some playing around. If honestly engaged, the creative process is a shy, mysterious and often frightened beast. It plays on our minds and emotions, at times making us run for cover before we begin. It’s a bit of a dance.

This is why we need to be brave and have a trusted community of support around us. We may also need times of great isolation so the work can germinate. It is a constant balancing act of control and freedom, as we walk the tightrope of inspiration.


Test the concepts and see if your mindset, your heart’s pulse or if your actions are positively influenced in some way. As your awareness increases, my hope is that your freedom of expression, new skills, and high hopes will follow closely behind.

— Craig Lueck —

Here’s a quick look back at the ten tips from The Art of Practice:

Respect Your Environment

Right-Size the Shame

Keep Secrets

Observe Without Judgment

Balance Through Movement

Learn Ignorance

Join a Community of Believers

Accept Resistance

Stop Sooner

Let Inventory Be Your Teacher





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