A Year to Remember

Recently I received my official announcement for the upcoming HFAA Art Show. A few days earlier, I had actually helped fold and staple the flyers during our monthly HFAA meeting, so I already knew all about our event. I had also picked up another “Call for Entries” flyer while at the meeting — this one for a “member’s only” HFAA show.

I’m going to be brave and bold and enter paintings in both of these shows, and while I don’t expect to win any prizes, I’m sure it’s going to be a good experience for me. Or so I say. I’ll admit to being a little nervous about showing my work beside that of talented artists from all around the Kansas City area.

I quickly found myself getting a bit anxious, too, about deadline dates. Plus art club meeting dates. Plus open studio dates. Plus workshop dates.

Whoa, Nellie! Since when did my art calendar become so full?

“I really need to get a little calendar or appointment book just for my art activities,” I mentioned to my husband. It would be very convenient to have all my meetings and show dates marked down in one place.

Later that day I picked up the mail and found this little pocket appointment book — a gift from one of the charitable organizations we contribute to:

Art Calendar

Could anything be more perfect? It’s as though the universe heard my words and quickly responded. Maybe all those moments of artful meditation have put me in touch with a higher spiritual force.

The calendar begins with September 2019, and it’s marked “A Year to Remember.” That’s exactly what I plan for the coming year. I hope to make it a year of memorable moments  with my art, a year of new experiences, new opportunities, and new friendships, a year of learning, growing, and discovering many new things in the world of art.

I want to take a moment now to thank each of you again for traveling this road with me. Art has become not only a wondrous, adventurous journey for me, but also a way of life.


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