Yes, Anyone Can Learn to Draw

I’ll admit, I really didn’t believe I could ever learn to draw. I truly have no artistic talent whatsoever, and I scoffed at the idea that drawing was a skill that could be learned. Even though I tried at several points in my life, I never could get beyond the beginning steps.

But then, it happened. I’m not sure how. Maybe it was a different mind set — not a flimsy “I sure wish I could draw” attitude but a more determined, “Well, I have to learn to draw now,” thought that pushed me onto the path. Maybe it was being at a point in my life where I had time to devote to learning art. Maybe it just happened.

Of course, I’m still only a beginning student when it comes to graphite and charcoal drawing. Where I used to think that drawing was just a matter of making lines on paper, I’ve come to see how many more techniques are involved in drawing. I’m moving on beyond the basics now to learn about shading techniques, creating textures, and using different types of paper to create different effects.

Here’s one of my recent drawings:

Portrait of a Young Man
Portrait of a Young Man – Graphite on Gray Toned Paper 9 x 12 by Judith Kraus

Not perfect, but oh, my goodness, had you shown me this drawing three years ago and told me that someday I would sign my name to it, I would have laughed until my sides ached. Me? Draw something like this? A ridiculous thought.

Yet today, I am signing my name to this portrait of a young man. I might even frame the fellow and keep him nearby. For me, he serves as a reminder that drawing really is a skill that can be learned. He’s a reminder, too, of how far I’ve come since I picked up a pencil back in June 2015 and said “I have to learn to draw.” Most of all, this young man is here to tell me, “Keep on going. There’s so much more to learn.”

Yes, anyone can learn to draw. I’m proof of that. So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn to draw but didn’t think you could, trust me, you can. If I can learn to draw, yes, indeed, anyone can learn to draw.

And so, the journey continues.


  1. I don’t think I was ever at that point of “I can’t draw”.

    I am currently working on a piece that I originally done in 1999. This new piece is from the same photo I used then. So far it is a massive improvement.

    You can see it on my site:

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    1. I will definitely take a look! I grew up wishing I could draw — one of my closest friends was an outstanding artist and I always looked at her drawings and paintings in awe. I truly couldn’t draw at all, so I’m amazed by the progress I’ve made in these last three years.

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  2. I agree that if I can learn to draw, anyone can! Even my husband, who probably has even less natural talent than I do, has learned to draw things well enough that they are recognizable, and I suppose that is what drawing is about, eh?

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    1. I hear so many people say “I can’t draw” and I tell them “Yes, you can learn.” I wish more people would believe it. I’m glad you and your husband have both discovered drawing. 🙂

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    1. I definitely recommend a book by Kate Berry called Drawing Lessons for Beginner Artists. This was the first book I got when I decided to learn to draw. I spent time copying her illustrations over and over. It was the best investment I’ve ever made. After that I started watching free how-to-draw tutorials on You Tube. The Virtual Instructor has lots of good free resources, too. Good luck!


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