I’m Just a Bird in the Sky

Una Paloma Blanca means a white dove, and maybe you’ve seen doves gliding through the sky. Most likely you’ve heard George Baker’s song:

Una Paloma BlancaWhen the sun shines on the mountains
And the night is on the run
It’s a new day, it’s a new way
And I fly up to the sun

I can feel the morning sunlight
I can smell the new-born hay
I can hear God’s voices calling
From my golden sky-light way

Una paloma blanca
I’m just a bird in the sky
Una paloma blanca
Over the mountain I fly

No one can take my freedom away

This paloma blanca is flying through the blogosphere today as a reminder of the artistic freedom we possess. As part of my art studies now, I like to begin each morning with a few moments of quiet mindfulness, a time to honor each new day and the opportunities it holds. As artists we have dreams, visions, and the wonder of our imagination. We have the freedom to be who we are and to express ourselves through our drawing, painting, and other art forms.

So as we celebrate Draw-A-Bird-In-September Day, let’s also celebrate the freedoms we enjoy through art.

You can listen to La Paloma Blanco here. 




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