Pictures at an Exhibition

Yesterday was a momentous day in my artistic journey of discovery. It was the opening of my very first art show – the “members only” show of the Harrisonville Fine Arts Association.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling both nervous and excited. I kept asking myself, “How did this happen?” When I started this journey three years ago, I never expected to be participating in any art shows.

Maybe a better question would have been “Why is this happening?” Well, it’s happening for a lot of reasons.

  • I want to be visible in the art community. I want people to know who I am and what my art is all about.
  • I want to continually push myself with challenges and new experiences.
  • I want to learn as much as I can about art shows, judging, exhibitions, and displays.

The learning really began on Saturday, as I realized what I’m calling Rule #1 of Art Shows:

No matter how prepared you may think you are, think again.”

I spent much of the afternoon helping set up display panels and hanging pictures. Judging will take place on Wednesday, I believe, and visitors to the library can vote for their favorite painting to win the “People’s Choice” award.

Here are just a few photos from the set up. I’ll have more photos to share later in the week.


Here’s our welcome sign, the check-in table, a few pieces waiting to be listed, and one of the club members hanging work on display panels.

It was an exciting day, with lots of beautiful art work on display. I’m honored to be part of this group.





    1. Yes, but a fun step. I won’t win any awards, yet my paintings do look nice on the display panels, and I received a lot of compliments from club members and from the library staff. That felt good. 🙂

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