Who’s Ready for Inktober?

I’m looking forward to Inktober this year, which is rather surprising. Back in 2015 when I first began learning to draw, I knew nothing about this annual event in the art community and probably wouldn’t have dared try it if I had known. In 2016, I shook my head. A month of doing pen and ink drawings? Nope. Not going to happen.

In 2017, an artist friend challenged me to take part, and she must have caught me in an adventuresome moment. Sure, why not!

Why not? How about the fact that pen and ink drawing was the media I liked least? How about the fact that the only art course I ever gave up on halfway was on pen and ink? How about the fact that the very thought of pen and ink drawing made me break out in a cold sweat?

Inktober 4 Sea Dragon (2)Well, I put aside all those objections, jumped in, and finished a few drawings I liked, such as this one of a sea dragon.

I didn’t finish thirty-one pen and ink drawings, though. Life got busy, the days slipped by, and Inktober was over before I had a chance to catch up.

This year I hope will be different. I hope I’m able to successfully finish a pen and ink drawing for each day.

I do have the “Official Prompt” — although it’s not necessary for Inktober artists to follow these daily promptings. The list is simply a guide offered by Jake Parker, the creator of the Inktober event.

Here is the list:

2018 Inktober Prompts

A lot has changed for me in the past year. I’ve learned to slow down and take my time while drawing. I’ve learned that drawing can be a meditative experience, one that takes me to a tranquil, peaceful place inside of myself. I’ve learned more about drawing techniques, too, and I’m seeing possibilities for my future as an artist.

As I said, I’m actually looking forward to Inktober. I want to have fun with my Pitt artist pens and create a daily drawing that exercises not only my drawing skills but my imagination as well. As I look through the list, a few ideas are already popping into my head. It’s going to be a challenge for me, but I’m going to have fun with it.

Inktober LogoWho is joining in for Inktober?


      1. I cannot wait to see your drawings! I stop making art two years ago. I used to teach art and to sell portraits. Them I decided to get my MAT in Education and I had no time for my art. 😦 Hopefully, the challenge and the new blog will motivate me. My blog is on book reviews ( another one of my passions). I will let you know if I create one for my artistic experiments. πŸ˜‰

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      2. I know what a challenge it can be to make time for all the creative things we’d like to do. I hope you have an opportunity to create an art blog, and I will be following along on your book blog. I read your recent post with quotes from books, and I can’t wait to read “The Haunting of Hill House” and others.

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