The prompt for the October 1 “Inktober” drawing was poisonous, and a lot of different ideas came to mind. I remembered drawing the fangs of a poisonous snake last year, but I didn’t want to repeat myself exactly. So, I thought of doing a poisonous snake, most likely a cobra.

But then, I thought again. I don’t really like snakes, to be honest about it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend too much time drawing one, Inktober or not!

I thought next of a bottle of poison, complete with skull and crossbones. After looking through the prompt list, however, I gave up on that idea since bottle is a prompt word for another day.

Back to the snake idea.  I still didn’t like the idea though. Surely there must be something else poisonous that I could draw.

Ah, yes! The poisoned apple from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I could do that easily enough, but no. What fun would it be to simply draw an apple and call it poisonous? Sure, I could have added the wicked witch or whoever it was who handed the apple to Snow White, but that would have been a bit too much for me to handle. I want to have fun with Inktober. I want to do quick pen and ink drawings each morning and move on with my day. I want to challenge myself to get through the month, but I don’t want to take on elaborate scenes that will only leave me frustrated.

And then another idea came to mind. A poisonous mushroom. I liked that idea, did a bit of research, and decided that Inktober would not only be a good time to practice pen and ink drawing, but also a great opportunity to learn a few things.

So, here is my drawing of a group of conocybe filaris  mushrooms, one of the most deadly species known.

Inktober 1 Poisonous

And here is a bit of information about conocybe filaris:

All parts of Conocybe filaris, and probably other species, contain toxins. Poison concentration varies within mushrooms and among geographical locations where they are found. Cooking or processing toxic mushrooms will not destroy the toxins in most cases.

Amanitins, a group of cyclic peptides, are among the most lethal organic compounds in the world. Tiny amounts have deadly results in humans, though squirrels and rabbits seem to be able to nibble these fungi without suffering amanitin poisoning (although few people have likely followed these animals for the 6-24 hours that it typically takes for the symptoms to develop).

So, there you have it. My Inktober drawing for Day 1, and a bit of educational info to go along with it.





  1. Excellent Day 1 drawing! I find mushrooms beautiful–I take a lot of mushroom photos. I’ve never tried to draw them, though. But maybe I will. (I’m too late for “poisonous”. I might wait until “roasted”).

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    1. I’m glad you like my simple little mushroom drawing. I have creative visions — until I pick up a pen. Ink just makes me stiffen up. My hope is that I can relax and enjoy Inktober in the same way I can relax and enjoy graphite drawing. I hope I feel more comfortable by the end of the month. 🙂

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  2. Heh. I went with the poison bottle… I didn’t see the bottle prompt. I guess I’d have to do something else for that day.

    Nice ‘shrooms, and thanks for the info.

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